"Getting quality advice on a script came when Nathan showed genuine concern for my growth as a writer. I was made aware of a valuable resource. He carried that authentic interest to our consultation and spent hours dissecting just an eight page script. He showered me with not only structural notes but comments on story, character, and arc. This kind of care and attention meant the world and my script was better for it. I may be a better writer for it." 

- Jonathan Scales - Screenwriter & Filmmaker

Nathan established "Hartman Creative," as a consultation, education, and development firm, in an attempt to help others enhance and advance their own projects, primarily in the areas of story and screenwriting. With his experience at an LA based film and TV management firm (who represent writers such as Mad Men's Matthew Weiner) along with his work as a film educator for Huntington University, Nathan knows what makes a good screenplay stand out to readers, agents, and film festivals. 

 Development and script services range from full story coverage to script notes and even consulting sessions (both in person, by phone, or online). 

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