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Promoted to Full-Time at Huntington University!

Promoted to Full-Time at Huntington University!

As many of you know, I've been working at Huntington University for the past several years wearing many different hats. While my part-time position was as Studio Supervisor for the Digital Media Arts department, taking care of department workflow, equipment, and other logistics, I also acted as director of the Fandana Film Festival for two years and have taught several film classes on an adjunct basis. With so many spinning plates, my work at HU always felt like full-time, but my hourly time-card showed otherwise. 

Well, I'm happy to announce that, starting in June, I'll be promoted to full-time as Studio Supervisor! As a part of my new duties, I will be heading up Huntington's first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (commonly called drones) classes - a partnership between HU's new Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies and Digital Media Arts. The use of UAV's is cutting edge and has dozens of applications, including field and ranch observation, crop data collection, and, for DMA, video work that would have once been filmed by helicopters. I'm honored to be given the chance to spearhead such new territory. 

Another wonderful aspect of my full-time statues is that I will be teaching at least two classes per semester, giving me the ability to mentor students more fully in all aspects of filmmaking. It's truly a blessing to be able to influence and mold the minds of the next generations of filmmaking. I've always said that, while I could fully pursue a Hollywood career in hopes of making films that would change people, I'd much rather teach hundreds of students who, like a wave against rocks, could truly make a cultural impact for the better on a grander scale. This position will allow me to continue to make that dream come true and I'm really grateful.

Thanks to Dr. Lance Clark, President Emberton, Mike Wanous and Julie Hendrix for making this opportunity a possibility. I can't wait to see what is in store for Huntington University in the future!