This morning I received some excellent news. National University emailed and said that, after being reviewed , I’ve been accepted into their MFA Screenwriting program! This a monumental step forward in furthering both my career as a screenwriter and film educator, giving me insight and experience I’d never receive otherwise.

A bit about National. It’s a private university headquartered in La Jolla, California and is recognized internationally for its MFA screenwriting program, which is run by Bettina Moss, a screenwriter and former managing story editor and development executive at HBO Films. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with her about the program and their vision on the craft matches mine wonderfully. I’d like to thank Dawn Ford, a colleague at Huntington, for recommending the program. I think it will be an excellent fit.

So what does this mean for my living situation? Not much really. Though I will have a small residency I’ll be taking most my courses online so I can continue living in Huntington and working as the studio supervisor in Huntington University’s Digital Media Arts department and as director of the Fandana Film Festival. Though I’m sure some months I’ll become a phantom, feverishly writing away and eating the food scraps my poor lonely wife leaves about the house, it’s far better than uprooting everything and starting fresh. Katie and I love the community around us and we’d be nutso to leave it right now.

So keep me in your thoughts and prayers these coming months as I prepare to head back to school. Now to stop by Target and purchase a Lisa Frank trapper keeper.